Quality Transformation

Quality transformers can be compared to the oyster. When a tiny foreign particle invades (enters) the oyster’s home, it secretes a liquid that combines with the particle to finally create a pearl.

The pearl can live in the oyster's home for the rest of the oyster's natural life without causing any disturbance.

In the same way, rather than react negatively to people and events, we can accept them and mould with them. Through thoughts of acceptance and power, our consciousness jumps to another level of perception and we realise that what we might have previously regarded as a problem can, if handled correctly, be a means to develop our strengths and remove our weaknesses.

We will realise that a problem or can in fact be a gift : it all depends on our perception of the experience. The choice is ours and not anyone else's…

...at the end of the day we all have to live with ourselves...!

Exercise in silence

Have some quality time for yourself and make your silence creative by noticing all those "problems" that come in order to become your… pearls.

Remaining detached from the external form of the situation let me ask myself:

What message / quality is hidden behind the external name & form?

Which internal power should I develop in the present moment so that I can stay uninfluenced

Where will I draw that power from?

Which pearl do I still deprive myself of?