Where my mind goes... that is what I become... this is what I am

 The sun is a suitable image for positive thinking.

The visualization described below uses a sunlit landscape as a comparison for the four levels of thoughts we create: positive, necessary, waste and negative. It can be used to increase your percentage of positive thoughts everyday.

Through these levels the soul has the opportunity to create its internal experiences and finally its external behaviour, its action.

Visualize a beautiful valley with a lake, forested foothills and high mountains rising up into the clouds. This is the landscape of your mind.

Your position in this landscape and the form in which you are displayed depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Are you a fish swimming in the muddy depths of the lake (negative thoughts)?
Are you a frog jumping back and forth from the shore to the lake, wasting time (wasteful thoughts)?

Are you a human, wandering into the forest to gather food and build a shelter (necessary thoughts)? Or the sun, which sustains (nourishes) all life on earth (positive thoughts)?

Points to Reflect upon:

Which position and form do you prefer to have in the landscape of your mind?

What is it that prevents you reaching this position and whose choice is it?

Today, what is your internal plan of action for reaching this position and what kind of fuel is necessary for this journey? Where do you plan to find this fuel?

Bon Voyage!