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Anthony Strano, born and brought up in Australia by an Italian family has been living in Athens, Greece for more than 25years now as a director of the Brahma Kumaris meditation centers throughout Greece & Hungary while coordinating their activities in Cyprus and Bulgaria as well. He’s been practicing Raja Yoga meditation for the past 35 years, he is writing, teaching and travelling around the world in order to conduct seminars and retreats. He has authored several books, his most recent one “Seeking Silence” with cd “Time for Healing” has been used as tool kit for courses, seminars and retreats on meditation and lifestyle practices. He, together with a group of young Greek people has created The Green Angel Initiative as part of the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative as a way to awaken respectful awareness towards Nature.
Real spirituality has a natural respect for Nature, recognizes the call of the time, feels the pulse of what is needed and is able to tune into that. In this holistic, systemic vision, such angels are universal, they don’t carry an identity, their spirit lies beyond any physical borders, their vision knows no limits and are able to embrace all life and nature. Sharing some simple truths…by a high spirit.

Trees seem to inspire you. What do you see in trees?
Trees are the lungs of the Earth and provide us with so much. I learnt whilst growing up on a farm in Australia how to respect trees, especially the fruit trees that provided food for us. I lived near a huge eucalyptus forest and often we would walk amongst the trees and feel the clean air produced by them really embrace us and refresh us.
Trees have always provided everything until recently when metals, electricity and plastics started to be used. For example houses, ships, wagons were made from wood. Trees also provided us with warmth for fire where we could also cook food.

What does Nature represent to you?
Nature is a mother. She is not like a mother but is actually a mother, who nourishes us from birth to death. Nature provides everything for our earthly existence and so we should have that respect for her. The body, is made of material elements, is a creation of nature so I am careful what I feed it, what I breathe and drink; right timings and enough sleep. To keep the body healthy I need to care for it and not just eat or drink anything. Nature also provides the herbs and medicines for our body to heal.

You are practicing meditation for many years. What do you think is the connection between our thoughts & the environment?
Consciousness impacts everything. What we think we create. Environment responds to our thoughts. It is well documented how plants respond to people who are kind and caring to them as opposed to those who are destructive. Thought is energy and energy circulates and thus touches everything. Negative thought can damage, it can negatively interfere. Positive thought can stimulate, encourage and sustain. Experiments with crop growing have shown this. Human greed to produce more for monetary gain has also stimulated the creation and use of pesticides, which damages not only the reproduction pattern of plants but also, poisons our body over time. Hippocrates, ancient Greek doctor, once said that food was our true medicine. Now because of negative human interference it has become our poison so we see it increases in different types of bodily ailments.

What should be the characteristics of a GreenAngel?

A Green Angel seeks harmony with spirit and matter. A Green Angel returns to the roots of the original essence of living, both spiritually and materially. The Green angel respects Nature deeply and works with her to sustain the original and pure in human life via correcting eating, sleeping and behaviour patterns. The Green Angel facilitates things to return to their natural and true position and sustains the awareness of the natural, harmonious balances between nature and human beings. The respect that humankind gives Nature will allow humanity to flourish. With disrespect and disregard imbalances are created that damage and ultimately destroy the subtle threads that hold our existence together.

What do you think Nature needs from us at this particular time?
Deeper appreciation of who she is and what she does. She needs our respect as well and not to interfere in her natural rhythms that maintain life; rhythms that are destroyed by humanity's experiments with science, such as weather control, genetic engineering, atomic testing etc..

In which ways can we give our support to Nature?
Through having good thoughts and sending them out to her plus in our own personal lives being economical respectful in using her resources such as water, food (not to waste). Not polluting her with use of additives, chemicals, nor using any violence to control or direct her.

What is the inner or deeper truth that you believe human beings have lost?
The understanding of how Mother Nature gives and sustains our life. In ancient Greece that consciousness was there, as it is often in old cultures and in native cultures. Such cultures have not lost their humility, respectfulness nor gratitude whereas in modern life we have, generally, lost all these. There is not that sensitivity or wisdom which understands that our thoughts and actions have consequences. Now we are startled at great weather changes and natural catastrophes but do not realise that all these are consequence of the misuses of nature and her resources.

On what base do you think that this truth can be restored?

Through education: making people aware that once there were in most cultures the respect for Nature and her principles. It would be of interest to examine how the native Indians of the Americas, the ancient Greeks, Celts, Chinese, Indians etc appreciated nature. To return to this and start to change the way we think: not greedy for more and more, not to pollute and waste, to think and reflect before acting. To educate that violence brought about by selfish and narrow thinking does not see the larger picture and therefore the global consequences of certain actions. Education awareness is happening which is good to see, but it also needs to grow more. Governments who have conferences, discuss but, generally, do not act consistently and decisively towards deeper changes in the their own country and citizens.

Anthony Strano was interviewed by Vasia Pelegrati

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