News from the GreenAngel in the Greek island of Chios

 Author: Maria Mari

The GreenAngel in the island of Chios is active since 2010 with the plantation of various fruit trees, mainly olive trees as well as the cultivation of a variety of vegetables, vines and flowers. We treat the land with no pesticides or chemicals as we believe that our personal relationship with the land and the thoughts we emanate at that time influence a great deal the plants. The fruits we receive are small in size but very tasty.

Green Angel's Garden in Chios
 The organic gardens were started and are sustained by mothers of families and now some of the family members are also actively involved and experimenting with the use of solar cookers and panels.
Excess produce is given away either directly or in the form of organically prepared preserves, jams and sauces and pickled vegetables.
Green Angel's Hut in Chios
In a small space of 500 square meters GreenAngel has a small wooden
house which uses a photovoltaic system for electricity. Soon,  the purchase of a field is planned with the idea of planting some mastic trees and vines, as a response to the recent devastating fire that took place on the island where a forest of preserved mastic trees was vanished. In the house of the GreenAngel a group of souls meet every Tuesday in order to meditate and serve nature this way by planting spiritual seeds and hopefuly soon we will be able to plant some physical seeds as well. 

Tel: +30 22710 20 612