GreenAngel graffiti on the roof of the Neoclassical building in Athens

In just one weekend the roof garden of the Brahma Kumaris center in Kypseli, Athens was filled with the colors of GreenAngel.


The feeling was more or less that things happen at the right time… the idea came, the right people appeared, the conditions…all there in a harmonized dance...

Hearty thanks to Orestis, Alexandros, Stathis & Xaris for the enthusiastic performance of the art piece, as well as to Xristos for the provided structural support.

Amongst cement walls and torn looks we fill our world of consciousness with light, we cultivate harmony and faith in a potential that patiently awaits the water of a pure thought to blossom in between gravels and stones.

We are completing the maintenance of the raised beds, we are preparing a new system for composting and we welcome the new seeding with an innovative farming system called 'yogic farming' that combines the principles of natural farming (use only compost) with the application of the energy of pure thoughts.

Aloe Vera Blossom