Two Green Angels on the island of Chios

On the first week of April, Francois Becher & Didier Vignot from France visited the island of Chios, on the West part of Greece, the island of the tulips and the most unique product in the world, "masticha", well known for its medical proprieties. On their visit, they shared with the people of the island, some of their knowledge and inspirations about the environment and vegetarian diet.

The first lecture took place in the Green Angel House, which was packed with people, where Francois talked about the technological progress and how it affects the environment and the way we lead our lives, based on consuming more than we need. Then Didier, talked about vegetarian diet and how it affects our physical, mental and spiritual health. He also talked about how to remove the toxins from our body, using fresh fruit and vegetables, in juice form.

The second lecture was on Homer's Cultural Center, where they went into more details with the use of slides & statistics, demonstrating in numbers the human behavior in terms of how we live in the modern world and where this leads us. They also met with a few teachers and shared ideas about how to approach their students and the parents in order to communicate the respect for the environment and nature.