So where can we find contentment?

Rooftop-Edinburgh / National Geographic Photo of the Day
In a constantly changing world where can one look for contentment? ….As we move away from our spiritual identity and identify with the physical form, roles, even material possessions, we gradually lose our own individual uniqueness and purpose in life. Pure contentment can only come from sth. genuine, from a deep spiritual truth, sth that doesn't change and is not conditioned by anything external. That can only be our original spiritual nature, a nature that is non-violent, full of peace & love, a complete state of being. As I walk towards that direction slowly I begin to unfold my personal uniqueness, imbibe that deeply and serve the world & nature through that.
It’s only when i walk my own path in life, that I can feel content within my own energy. By aligning the self with the natural order of things, my own dharma, then no act of violence can be possibly performed. When I renounce my dharma, it’s like I’m trying to be someone else from whom I really am and then all the stories of interference in other’s people’s path or nature starts; all forms of disrespectfulness towards the self, others & nature derive as a result of lack of inner contentment. It’s all a matter of a return journey…all answers lie within.