Milota Pfeffer


In the heart of Slovakia, in the wildness of the Slovak nature, in between woods, mountains & meadows, far away from the noise of the city, there lies the small village Sklené. Sklené is located 800 metres above sea level, 200 kilometres from Bratislava - the capital city of Slovakia. Milota Pfeffer, the green spirit that inhabits there owns a beautiful house that is a hundred years old. Near the house there is a big garden which covers an area of 3000 m2 with lots of fruit trees, flowers and bushes. This special place was chosen by Milota to cultivate her own relationship with nature.

Milota graduated as a pharmacist and then dedicated herself to alternative medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy (healing with herbs and flower essences) and apian products. Because of the richness of the healing herbs in that particular area she uses these healing herbs for preparing healing tinctures and teas. The people from the neighbourhood often visit her for advice and treatment.

The house there has been renovated so that it can host small spiritual retreats around topics such as: Meditation and positive thinking, secret of the healing energies, the healing herbs in our life, silence retreats and Raja Yoga meditations for yogis.
In this interview she shares with us her own experience on how the healing energies of nature connect with the energies of people.

It is said... we are what we eat and more accurately we are what we absorb. Our strength and vitality, even our thoughts and feelings are dependent upon what we choose to put into our body. From your experience how can herbs contribute to our well-being?
Certain herbs have specific effects not only on our body but also on our mind and feelings. People in the ancient times knew very well from intuition which herbs have which effects. Today we have lost
this ability this is why we have developed the complicated pharmacological laboratories to examine the chemical content of the effective essences in the herb and their effects, all this at an experimental level. Some herbs have detoxifying effects, purifying for the organism, other heal the sick organs and some others have an influence on the psychical state either stimulating or relaxing. Some of them for instance help to heal insomnia. It is said that the herbs are our helpmates and herbs which grow in our surroundings and in our garden indicate the imbalances which we have, e.g. if there grows chicorry or taraxacum (blowball) this indicates that we may have a troubled liver. Most people disregard these warning signals.
It is not a secret that especially the flowers have a harmonizing effect on the human soul. Even certain flowers help harmonize certain states of mind, this is the basis for the therapy with the flower essences.

 Herbs are considered as powerful healers when used correctly. For their healing power, how important is the caring they receive during their growing stage according to your experience?
Healing herbs usually grow in the wilderness. However in some cases we do cultivate them in big quantities, e.g. lavender, salvia, lemon balm. In this case caring for is important - not only by manuring them with natural fertilizers and watering them but also to take care of them as the living energy that responds sensitively to our vibrations and energies.. Bekstler (the American scientist) made experiments with leaves of dracaena to which he affixed a sensitive galvanometer. When a leaf was injured, the galvanometer showed an upwash (aberrance). There was nothing so extraordinary on that but when he then had a thought of injuring the leaf, in that case the galvanometer also showed an upwash irrespectively of the existing distance between the herb and the human. The same response was observed in the case when the herb was in the plumbum cover. This demonstrates that there is some energetic connection outside space and time and thus it is of an immaterial origin.

It was also a fact that herbs are able to produce more healing essences if we send them our good thoughts, while this communication works irrespectively of how far that herb is situated. However, at beginning it is needed to make a contact with the herb and spend some time with that herb.
My biggest experience was with the seeding of peas. I did the following: I put the seeds of peas in a bowl of water for 2 days and placed the bowl in my meditation room. After I took them in my hands and I started to talk to them with love, so as to make a contact with them and then planted them. Because that was a big amount of seeds I gave a few to my neighbor who planted them on the same day as me. Since I don´t live at that place I had to then go but I was thinking with love on that peas for all that time, asking Mother Nature for protection of that peas as there was a big drought at that time. I came back a month later and I immediately went to have a look at my peas. At first I saw nothing because the seedbed was overgrown with other green plants, as if embracing and protecting them and when I looked at that closer I saw that there grows the beautiful peas. Afterwards came my neighbor who asked with reprimand what kind of peas I had given her since she had no peas crop in spite of the fact that she weeded and watered the peas all that time.

Herbs have been used since ancient times as medicine, food and flavouring. Plants offer so much to us... at this particular time what do we have to offer to them?
We need to protect the environment and the natural resources. At this particular time we need not only to take from nature but also to offer her… to take care of her and send our good wishes and harmonizing loving thoughts to her.

Milota Pfeffer was interviewed by Vasia Pelegrati