Long ago, just after God had created the world, He stepped back and gazed at His wonder.
The sun shone like a large dazzling topaz in the soft blue sky,
the moon, like a silk balloon, poured its gentle, silver light throughout the ebony sky.
Day was blessed with a golden eye and Night with a silver one,
each opening and closing at the appropriate time.

Earth with her innumerable flowers, trees, animals and people was like a painted canvas that changed her pictures four times in the year. A kaleidoscope of colour and form which changed in every season as Earth silently moved around the golden sun.
This harmony made Mother Earth a sanctuary of Peace for all who lived on her .
There was no fear, mistrust, no injury no complaint.

Then one day it happened and the perfect harmony that existed was broken.
There were a group of stars in the sky who complained bitterly to God,
"Why have you made us like this ?
We are not like the sun and moon which give light everywhere.
We are just tiny specks in this vast space that hardly anyone can notice".

And God replied,
“But your sparkling faces are like a million pearls
that light up the dark night where the moons light cannot reach.
Human beings guide their ships by your light.
Through you they understand the beginning of dusk and dawn.
You signal to them when to awaken when to rest. Your value is great”.

"Do not try to make us feel good," grumbled the dissatisfied stars.

"Our light can never compare with that of the sun or moon, never!
So many good things are on the earth,
so many interesting things happen there
and we stars are stuck up here, away from it all.
God, we are just your after-thoughts ,aren’t we ?
First you created the best, the most beautiful things on the earth,
then the sun and moon
and finally you made us from bits of rocks and stuck us here.”

"It's not like that", God tried to explain.
"The whole picture was already in my mind before it manifested.
I knew that everything, whether on the earth or in the sky,
has its own position, purpose and speciality.
There is no lesser or greater."

"That is all very well for you to say when you are God", the stars replied rudely.
"You can do what you want, when and how you want, we have no choice, none, do we?"
"Not true", God lovingly answered.
"Of course it's true", stars replied defiantly.
"We cannot be or do what we want because you have made us like this!".

"Not true", replied God again patiently.
"Firstly remember that God doesn’t lie and secondly and, more importantly,
you have it in your power to be what you want to be
and do what you wish to do.
It’s up to you not me. Always keep that in mind".

"O.K, if that is so", one of the stars snapped back,
"the other day as we looked over the earth, we saw the sea.
Its green-blue waves sparkled like turquoise silk, looking so fresh and cool.
However we are suspended up here in this dark, cold space unable to reach it, touch it or smell it.
It’s not fair".

"Then in your mind create where you wish to be,
where you want to go.
the choice is always yours", God told him

"Really?" the stars replied, blinking in deep surprise.

"Up to you" said God and He disappeared.

So the group of dissatisfied stars sat together
and discussed what they really wanted in their life.

"We want a change don’t we?" asked one of the stars.

“We all want to be in the tropical warm sea with the turquoise waves
and then we will be so happy, won’t we ?" he shouted
"Yes,yes,O yes!" they all clamoured.

So they sat together for many nights
and wanted and wanted to be in the turquoise sea,
absolutely not in the sky .

Suddenly one summer night,
people saw a huge group of stars falling down somewhere onto the earth
but no one knew exactly where.

The stars actually fell into the turquoise sea,
which they wanted so much
and they stayed there and very soon they changed their form
They were no longer pieces of luminous rocks but became fleshy.

People were very surprised to find them,
they had never seen such creatures in the sea before.
They started to call them the "star fish" because they resembled stars.

At first the stars enjoyed the colour, the coolness and wetness of the sea.
After some time they started discussing amongst themselves,
"It is so wet here, so deep here, everything is always the same.

We cannot see anything except this turquoise water and fish,
no flowers, no trees , no sun, no moon, no people.
It’s so boring. Why are we stuck here? " they moaned.
"God, why are we stuck here? It's always blue here, always wet.
God can you hear us? Do something!"
Nothing happened and the starfish got upset.
"God, you are not listening. You are never there when we need you ,are you ?".

Nothing happened.

"God, its not fair. Who can put up with so much water daily?
Our only visitors are fish!
We deserve something better than this!
What kind of fate is this? Do something” they pleaded.

Nothing happened except there was some faint echo in the depths of the ocean,
"Create what you want to be ....where you want to go.....the choice is yours.....the choice is yours".

They heard but did not understand. Their memory had faded after so many years in the sea.
Occasionally one starfish would remember where it came from, would make a great effort of will and was able to return to the sky. But this was very rare because it was much easier to come down than it was to go up.

In fact, still there are stars in the sky who know that a long time ago, some their relatives had left the sky to go and live in the sea and they wanted to do the same.

So whenever you see a falling star you know what is happening and where it is going.
We often see such falling stars.
However I have never seen an ascending least, not yet!.

Story by Rafael Rao