Fragrance from Chios

Author: Maria Mari

Green Angel in Chios island produces a good amount of vegetables & fruits each season, which we cultivate with love and respect. The garden at the moment, is full of colors and fragrances. Citrus flowers, roses, daisies, poppies and many other kinds of flowers adorn the four places where the idea of GA exists.

It is interesting how in each region the earth has its own energy and seems to communicate with you as an entity transferring her needs and accepting our own intervention with a lot of respect. During the winter in one of the fields I was told not to plant anything because there is nothing that can really grow there. I did not listen to their opinion as I felt that the earth had experienced a lot of violence … yet so far we don’t cease to collect beetroots, peas, spinach, etc. and share them with the people. Although the global climate has changed and the heat is already unbearable, we have planted summer crops in three of the four regions (the fourth is a vineyard with many grapes) . Nature wants love and respect and then she can cooperate with us and offer her fruits generously. In the GreenAngel house the trees have grown a lot and offer enough coolness so people come to meditation and withdraw for a while from their everyday problems.