Fragrances from Dasokypos

Author: Vasia Pelegrati 


Few days ago we found ourselves in Dasokypos, a special nursery house and residence, situated in Corinth. There, Costas showed us around in a specially designed ecosystem where he lives and interacts with nature, experiencing and exploring at the same time his own special relationship with nature.

Any ecosystem no matter how small it may be, shows the interdependence of all things within the natural world and how much we can learn from nature as long as we can remain open to receive the lesson.

…& through food we reaffirm our relationship with nature. Food taken from the earth, clean & non-violent is the food that allows the body & spirit to rest and return to a more natural and harmonious way of living.

There, Kostas, the 'soul' of Dasokypos has found a unique way to carry his message ... that is through the colorful salads that he creates, made from fragrant flowers and freshly cut greens, collected with great care and respect.

He, himself describes his own personal connection to nature & food:
"Through food I officiate with Light, communing it with the people, in an effort of remembrance of their own true nature."

Fresh, juicy Goji berries

A salad that you first smell! As if from another time....

A small paradise in Corinth

Warm thanks!