The Sun's Flower

Once a long, long time ago there was a garden.
In this garden grew a tiny yellow flower .
She had a round, brown face full of seeds, surrounded by small yellow petals.
Her little green body was so small that when the other flowers bloomed,the small yellow flower become hidden from view.

In fact, she hardly saw the sun.
She hated spring and especially summer,
because at that time all the flowers:
roses, hollyhocks, poppies, sweetpeas, larkspurs were all blooming,
crowding the garden so much that the little yellow flower nearly choked.
And worst of all, she could not reach the warm sparkling rays of the sun, whom she loved so much.

As the little yellow flower grew more and more depressed her petals started to turn brown.
The other flowers did not seem to care what happened to her,
they took all the sun for themselves!

”This was just not fair !” cried the little yellow flower.

One day the situation got so bad,
that the little flower decided she did not want to be a little yellow flower hidden in the corner of the garden.
She wanted to go away, to disappear, even to die.

However somehow deep within her yellow heart,
she held one golden hope.
The hope that one day she could reach the beautiful sun
and just be with him all day.

Suddenly she felt something.
She felt a voice saying to her,
" just believe in what you wish".
The last words kept repeating inside her,
"Just believe ..........

Who was speaking to her ?
The thought came that it was the sun himself who was saying this to her.
She wanted to reach him and merge into his warm golden rays.
She wanted to stretch herself and reach the sun;
she loved the sun so much.
As she stretched herself she started to think,
"Will it be possible to reach him?".

Again she felt the sun say,
"Stop doubting! Just do!".

So the little yellow flower concentrated her thought
and with determination kept her vision
and her heart on her beloved sun.
As she concentrated, suddenly one warm yellow ray absorbed
her heart and filled her with strength.
So much strength that she felt herself growing and growing,
her body becoming huge.
All the time she remembered the sun.
She never looked back, forward, down or sideways but up,
at the golden beauty of the sun.

Suddenly she found herself towering above the other flowers:
her head was enormous – round, dark green and brown,
surrounded by over a hundred huge yellow hair-petals .
Her body was very long and pale green
and she had about twenty emerald arms ,almost as large as her face.
Could this be her?

She was so happy now. Her face resembled the sun and was watching him.
The other flowers in the garden, were also happy for her and they named her the Sun’s Flower.

Now all day she could watch and ,because of her height, nothing could interfere in her being with her beloved.

Story by Rafael Rao