Non-Violent Diet

A non-violent diet is the kind of diet that supports a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Such a diet is a whole food plant-based diet, nutrient dense that uses simple and clean ingredients. It is plant and thought empowered food fully satisfying for the body and spirit.

When we begin to practice meditation on a regular basis, our perception begins to broaden and develop a more holistic approach in our interaction with life. A holistic approach takes into account both the physical and the spiritual dimension as we need to work in both fields. One may be aware of the one and unaware of the other. This is the awakening of the intellect to a higher level of being, as spirits that interact with the material world.

My personal experience throughout the years of adopting a spiritual lifestyle has brought into awareness the massive role that food has to play in our spiritual development. How the quality of food influences the quality of our thoughts and vice versa. A clearly non-violent diet is the outcome of an attitude that involves no cruelty towards animals as well as a non-violent inner attitude at the level of our thoughts and feelings.

Every time we are preparing our food we interact with the ingredients at a non-visible subtle level. Our invisible inner world leaves an energetic blueprint on the food itself while we cook it and is received by those who eventually take that food.

The main principle behind is that the more positive and pure the state of our mind is at the level of thoughts and feelings, the better the quality of the food we cook will be. Pure food means the type of food that resonates best with us and supports a healthy living system.

This implies that the food has a plant-based origin. This type of food can get us in touch with nature but also with our own true self. In Ayuverda this high energy food is described as Sattwic. Sattva is the highest among the Gunas (qualities) that supports a healthy body and contributes to keeping our mind clear, happy and at peace. Sattva is a state of lightness, equanimity, clarity, strength and vitality. Food prepared with lots of love will add to its Sattva quality. On the other end of the scale, Thamsic is the type of food that harms the body and mind. Thamas quality reflects dullness, confusion and sloth.

This symphonic quality is a good way to see the interdependence of all things within the natural world. The more our food choices do not involve pain and suffering the more our inner world becomes calmer, free of tension and anxieties having an impact on the quality of thoughts and feelings we produce. Similarly the more we start to move away from feelings of inner restlessness and begin to restore inner peace, the more our food choices are working towards balancing our true needs.

Posted by Vasia Pelegrati