This small eco system shows the interdependence of all things within the natural world. As if there is a symphonic quality in all energies that interact with primary impact that of the living consciousness. Seeds and plants interact with humans, insects, air, water, light and earth to provide life. We marvel at this miracle of sustainability which nature repeats season by season since the GreenAngel Yogic Roofgarden started its activity in 2011, in Athens.

Consistent care and respect, observing and learning not to impose, rather to appreciate, knowing when to sow, weed, or pause and patiently working with the elements in the extreme conditions of an urban roof. Meanwhile, the small scale yogic experiments at our beginning showed us the power that pure intention has on the healthy growth of plants. Maintaining a high consciousness, a clean mind and an open heart while caring for the plants is a key aspect to growing and enjoying yoga in action (karma yoga).