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GreenAngel Yogic Urban Roof Garden
12 Thassou Str.
11257  Athens, Greece
Tel. +30 210 8671551

The roof of the BK center in Athens, Greece is turned into the first Yogic Urban Garden in Greece. Following the principles of the Sustainable Yogic Farming, a grassroots initiative of the Rural Wing of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Mount Abu - India, we combine meditative techniques with methods of organic farming.
The organic farming includes the use of local traditional veggie varieties (when possible) together with the use of fresh homemade compost. The seeds that are used for the yogic experiments are first exposed to meditation in a special room and then planted to the soil. All gardening is done in a state of meditation -mind connected with the divine light and this spiritual power is then directed to the plants; special time is also given once a week for collective meditation on the plants & the elements of nature.


Tel: +30 22710 20 612 

 The GreenAngel in the island of Chios is active since 2010 now with the plantation of various fruit trees, mainly olive trees as well as the cultivation of a variety of vegetables, vines and flowers. We treat the land with no pesticides or chemicals as we believe that our personal relationship with the land and the thoughts we emanate at that time influence a great deal the plants. The fruits we receive are small in size but very tasty.

The organic gardens were started and are sustained by mothers of families and now some of the family members are also actively involved and experimenting with the use of solar cookers and panels.
Excess produce is given away either directly or in the form of organically prepared preserves, jams and sauces and pickled vegetables.

Green Angel's Hut in Chios
In a small space of 500 square meters GreenAngel has a small wooden house which uses a photovoltaic system for electricity. Soon,  the purchase of a field is planned with the idea of planting some mastic trees and vines, as a response to the recent devastating fire that took place on the island where a forest of preserved mastic trees was vanished. In the house of the GreenAngel a group of souls meet every Tuesday in order to meditate and serve nature this way by planting spiritual seeds and hopefuly soon we will be able to plant some physical seeds as well. 


Sklené 203
 post.   03847


In the heart of Slovakia, in the wildness of the Slovak nature, in between woods, mountains & meadows, far away from the noise of the city, there lies the small village Sklené. In historical records this remote village was first mentioned in the year 1360. Sklené is located 800 metres above sea level, 200 kilometres from Bratislava - the capital city of Slovakia.

Nature in Sklené is pure and there is no tourism. There are silent and calm surroundings which are suitable for meditation and silent contemplation. There is therapeutic spa 13 kilometers from Sklené, surrounded by the mountains Veľká Fatra and Kremnické vrchy.

There is a wild and beautiful nature abounding in healing herbs, also there are many animals such as bears, wolves, foxes and a variety of deer. The house here is a hundred years old. It has been renovated so that it can host small spiritual retreats.

Near the house there is also a big garden which covers an area of 3000 m2 with lots of fruit trees, flowers and bushes. Vegetables are also cultivated there and lately we are experimenting with yogic practices of cultivating of the land. 

My name is Milota Pfeffer. I graduated as a pharmacist and then dedicated myself to alternative medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy (healing with herbs and flower essences) and apian products. The healing energies of  nature connect with the energies of people. It is not a secret that the mineral kingdom, herbal kingdom and animal kingdom have an ability to influence human beings. It is known that especially flowers have a harmonising effect on certain states of mind. Because of the richness of the healing herbs in this particular area I focus on using these healing herbs and on preparing healing tinctures and teas from them. The people from the neighbourhood visit me for advice and treatment.

 Sometimes I organize also seminars around the following topics: meditation and positive thinking, secret of the healing energies, the healing herbs in our life, silence retreats and Raja Yoga meditations for Yogis