Welcome to GreenAngel. We are people following a spiritual lifestyle, meditators & karma yogis. People often ask how spiritual knowledge and spiritual experience can have a practical application in everyday life. We have understood that spiritual life is a holistic consciousness that requires the development and integration of the mental, intellectual, spiritual and physical. 

Why GreenAngel? We are learning that Nature, her principles, rhythms, seasons, time patterns, produce air, earth, water and light, creating the stage of this earth where we live and express. A spiritual lifestyle or what we can call applied spirituality shows the necessary steps we need to take in order to get back in touch with our nature which is pure & angelic in its origin and from there explore a new angle of our relationship with nature, a new way of being and interacting with each other. 
As the individual heals, reintegrates, relearns & rediscovers his or her original and natural resources then automatically the relationship with Nature comes into harmony.
Our bodies are the creation of nature's forces and when the spiritual is in proper balance with the physical there can be a practical and sustainable harmony that is inclusive of all people and all aspects of life. Nature can be cooperative in showing us human beings how to reintegrate & reconcile to our roots as members of the human family.

This blog is a platform for us to explore the subtle inner shifts in awareness that are necessary to respond to the call of the time. We share our own path of growing through the sharing of our experiences of awareness in action, reflections & articles, interviews of people who inspire us, meditation commentaries and our own special connection with food through plant- based recipes. 

The GreenAngel was inspired by the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Centres in Greece, taking the lead from their mother university in India, connect with the reality of the natural spiritual self but also with the respectful and non-violent attitude to Nature. 


Vasia Pelegrati was born and raised in Athens-Greece. Growing up in a city quite early she was faced with questions as to how connected people genuinely are with their own self, with each other and with their environment. She combined her love for arts and the spirit of humanism by studying photography in Leica Academy Athens, specialized in documentary photography. Later on she travels to Europe where she receives training in human aid projects towards developing countries. She travels to Malawi as a development instructor establishing income generating activities in the rural areas of the country. Later on, she participates in the 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st century. By then the understanding of the need of a deeper inner spiritual commitment occurs as a means of reestablishing human well-being and interaction at all levels; she finds that fulfillment in the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University where she is a student until now. Since 2010 she coordinates and participates in the GreenAngel Initiative of BK Greece.

Olga George was born and raised in Athens, in the historical center of the Acropolis. Seeing often the Parthenon and playing as a child in the natural environment of Philopappou, she felt very early the power of nature and environmental vibrations. She sought the beginning of the dynamics of actions in relationships and thus led to professional occupation with applied and practical psychology as well as with the dramatic arts. She studied Acting Techniques in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and NLP Life Coaching in Natural Health Science. Her love for her natural life and gardening opened the window for the care of herbs and flowers on the small scale of her balcony. Seeking her freedom of herself and of the soul, she found fullness within the Medium, at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, and collaborates with the heart of GreenAngels in Athens.